Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let's talk about lipbalms

I loove lip balms! I can never have enough of them. These are the ones that I'm currently using.

*second row left to right
  • EOS in strawberry sorbet. At first I wasn't that impressed, but after a month it became a total favourite. It smells really good, even though it isn't very hydrating.
  • I love coconut&cream lip balm. This one is quite old and I've used only half of it. (review here)
  • I love rasberry&blackberry lip balm. It gives a nice red tint to the lips, but the smell is a bit chemical.
  • Nivea Lip butter in vanilla&macadamia. I absolutely adore this one! I use it on my cuticles as well. I also have the rasberry rose one and I love that one a little bit more, because of the smell.

*left to right
  • Maybelline Baby lips in cherry me (review here)
  • Himalaya cocoa butter lip balm. This one is a keeper! It's very good at moisturizing and it doesn't leave the lips greasy. Perfect for under lipstick.
  • Nivea Repair&Beauty lip balm. Not bad,but it has a weird smell and it gives a tingling feeling to the lips.
  • Palmer's cocoa butter formula swivel stick. I bought this one from feelunique, because it had very good reviews on It can be also used on dry spots but I mainly use it on my lips. It isn't as moisturizing as i thought it would be. Smells divine though!


  1. I just bout the Nivea Lip butter in vanilla&macadamia today!

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