Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Beauty Tag

Rules to do this tag:
     + Paste this picture in your post.
     + Answer the questions in English or in your native language.
     + Tag at least 3 friends to do this tag.
     + Leave a comment with the name of your blog, so I can read your answers.
     + HAVE FUN!!! 

1. Seriously I don't know what's this obsession with Christmas, I mean it comes every year. But I also really love the snow and the fireplace. :D
2. I usually drink hot chocolate or cappucino.
3. Sweaters, definitely. I live in these things.
4. I don't really like Christmas songs, I think they're cheesy, but you could catch me listening to "Last Christmas", "All I want for Christmas" or "Shake up Christmas"
5. Growing up I'm starting to feel like Christmas is nothing special, and I'm probably going to receive money as presents.
6. It involves a lot of food haha :D Our family gathers on Christmas Eve and on Christmas for dinner and we give each other presents.
7.  How Grinch stole Christmas. Sometimes I feel like I'm Grinch haha :D
8. Mostly Bulgarian homemade food. And turkey.
9. I made a post about that recently check it out
10. Both. Who doesn't love receiving presents, but the look on the people's faces when you give them presents is priceless.
11. Red and gold.
12. I ussualy receive pajamas :D
13. I always make New Year's resolutions and I never manage to accomplish them. So what's the point?

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