Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review:Pretty lip gloss by Flormar

Flormar is a Turkish brand,known in Bulgaria for their amaaaazing nail polishes (I swear by them).They sell makeup as well.
I saw the pretty lip gloss at DM today.It provides a shiny look by creating a light and soft tissue on the lip with it's oil free and non sticky structure."Absolutely comfortable non sticky texture that perfectly adheres and wraps lips.A soft sensation for fuller ,sexier and sensually rounded out lips".Well they lied about one thing- texture is quite sticky.But the pigmentation of the colour is
incredible-it's more like a lip stick.The colour range wasn't very big though.They had about 5 colours and they all had glitter in them(except for mine)so I decided to go with the pink shade P809. Very bright,very glossy.It last for about an hour,then it kinda tints the lips.It's very hard to remove. The quantity of this lip product is 5,2ml/0,17 fl.oz .I hope I find more shades.I'm definitely going to repurchase.

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