Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Maybelline BABY LIPS in "Cherry me" Review

My sister's friend just came back from the USA and brought me Maybelline BABY LIPS in Cherry Me.Exciting, isn't it? Unfortunately this product is not available in my country.I wanted to get my hands on an EOS's famous lipbalm too,but she couldn't  find it in Target :(...Whatever,that's not the point :D. The package says that it makes the lips less dry or rough and promises better looking lips and 8hr moisture.It can be used under or in place of lipstick or lipgloss.It contains Aloe leaf extract& Vitamin E.I've heard sooooooo many people raving about it,and I gotta say,I really like it. "Cherry me" is in the orange tube,it's red on the inside and smells like cherries,obviously! My sister got the one in "Grape Vine",the purple one and It smells kinda fake to me :(
-It smells amazing
-Gives a little bit of tint
-Very ,very smooth application
I can't find any cons,maybe the packaging. The tube looks like it's gonna brake easily

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