Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bourjois healthy mix concealer review

I'm back!  So I was looking for a good concealer these days and I read that people were raving about Bourjois healthy mix concealer.It was actually 20% off in "Beauty Zone" so I bought it. First of all,the sales people in that store are so annoying.They follow you everywhere,I really hate that.And they ended up giving me the wrong shade,51-light radiance,which is too light for me,I asked for 52.I told her that I'm gonna use it under my eyes and it has to be lighter and she started talking to me like I don't know anything about makeup and few moments later she said the same thing about the lighter shade.Whatever.The concealer is 10ml/0,33oz

-It covers pretty well
-It has a nice smell
-It brightens up
-Long lasting

- If u have dry skin-its not for you! I have very oily skin and it makes my skin dry,because it has a very powdery finish,and it dries too fast! I have to mix it with my old concealer which is too dark and makes me a bit oily.Then its perfect.
-It also has some shimmer in it,which I don't like.
-The tube is terrible! Its like a lip gloss tube. I put it in my bag and probably I squeezed it (not on purpose) and It got all over the cap.
 I would not repurchase but this is just me,you can try it and absolutely love it! Who knows?

*The picture is not mine.