Sunday, July 8, 2012

I love ...coconut&cream lip balm review

I've read a lot of good reviews about the British brand I love.... All the products are named after
delicious mouth-watering, passionate, almost unadulterated scents.The lines have couple of products:body butter,hand lotion,lip gloss,lip balm,shower gel,body lotion. I got the lip balm in coconut&cream.I like it,I do. It makes my lips very soft,stays on for a long time..and here comes the but. I like coconut but I'm not pleased with the scent. It smells kinda fake,and If I smell it for too long I feel like I'm gonna throw up(yuk)! I think it's the cream. I wouldn't recommend this scent,I'm planning on buying other flavors,so I can see if there's any difference. I couldn't smell it in the store,I thought I'd like it since I'm crazy about coconut.The products is 15ml/ 0.507 oz,which is a lot.And the little jar is so cute !

Here's the site when you can see all the products: