Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hair care tips

Today I'm going to share with you some of my hair tips.My hair is dark brown,thick and curly, so it's hard to manage.The last two years I was obsessed with straightening my hair and It made my hair brittle and dry at the ends.I normally have oily hair (worst thing ever) and the cure is Clear's shampoo for greasy hair,It works great for me.I like the Pantene one too.

  • For silkier and smoother ends:

I use coconut oil.I love it,I put it everywhere-hair,skin ,lips!Amazing! I've never seen my hair so beautiful.What I do : I put it all over my hair at night,I sleep with my hair on a bun and in the morning I wash my hair as usual.

  • Another thing you can do is search trough your kitchen.

There are a lot of goodies that can help your hair-olive oil is my fav. You can use honey, yogurt,eggs or even mayonnaise.Homemade hair masks are great!
Here are some good recipes :
  Honey Mask For Dry Hair 
Beauty recipes from the kitchen
7 Best Home-Made Hair Masks

  • Stop using hairspray and hair mousse, If you want you hair to look even better

They can ruin your hair if you use them too much. But I love Small Talk by Bedhead and I don't see any bad things happening. It works very well,I definitely recommend it.I avoid using hairspray,just couple of times a month.

None of these photos are mine.

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