Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hair care tips

Today I'm going to share with you some of my hair tips.My hair is dark brown,thick and curly, so it's hard to manage.The last two years I was obsessed with straightening my hair and It made my hair brittle and dry at the ends.I normally have oily hair (worst thing ever) and the cure is Clear's shampoo for greasy hair,It works great for me.I like the Pantene one too.

  • For silkier and smoother ends:

I use coconut oil.I love it,I put it everywhere-hair,skin ,lips!Amazing! I've never seen my hair so beautiful.What I do : I put it all over my hair at night,I sleep with my hair on a bun and in the morning I wash my hair as usual.

  • Another thing you can do is search trough your kitchen.

There are a lot of goodies that can help your hair-olive oil is my fav. You can use honey, yogurt,eggs or even mayonnaise.Homemade hair masks are great!
Here are some good recipes :
  Honey Mask For Dry Hair 
Beauty recipes from the kitchen
7 Best Home-Made Hair Masks

  • Stop using hairspray and hair mousse, If you want you hair to look even better

They can ruin your hair if you use them too much. But I love Small Talk by Bedhead and I don't see any bad things happening. It works very well,I definitely recommend it.I avoid using hairspray,just couple of times a month.

None of these photos are mine.

June favorites

So this is my first post and I decided to do my June favorites,since June is almost over. This month was pretty big for me-I had my final school exams (which were reaaaally important) and the last days with my class passed by.I also came back from a vacation at the seaside couple of days ago and I'm very very tanned wow! I haven't tried a lot of things this month (I was too busy studying lol) but surely there's some stuff to talk about!
Balea Body tonic Sun

I saw this on the internet and I decided to give it a try. I bought mine at DM.Its says that it's limited edition so it's probably going to be gone when this summer is over.It wasn't expensive,I mean it's Balea!  Cheap and great! Its smells freaking' amazing-it says it's papaya and I would add watermelon and sunscreen (weird combo). It's funny because when I bought it I had a terrible cold so I couldn't smell it lol and I had to trust my friend with the scent describing. But it also has a bad side-it doesn't last long enough.

Nail Polishes :
This summer pastels and neons are a big trend.I've been searching for these colors in awhile. I purchased everything at DM.
Essence nail polish in "A Lovely Secret"

What a beautiful pastel purple! When I saw the color I immediately fell in love. Very unique, all my friends liked it.The cons: I think Essence's nail polishes have too large applicators and you can easily over do it. And you don't get a lot of product- only 5ml/0.16 fl.oz. They last long though.

Another essence nail polish in "C'est la vie!"
Coral is a must have this season! I can say the same thing about this one. The color is amazing and It was everything that I was looking for.

 Another must have-turquoise! 
Gabrini nail polish in M107

I wasn't very familiar with this brand-but look at the color! How pretty is that? I actually have the same pros and cons for this nail polish-long lasting and great color,but they didn't do a good job with the brush. Or maybe my nails are small..? haha

Make up:
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I didn't need a new mascara,because I'm in love with my Maybelline One by One,but I was looking at this in a long time and I thought- YOLO :D So I bought it. And I love it. It works great-my eyelashes are long and it doesn't make them sticky at all,It doesn't smudge.I really like the Maybelline mascaras. Cons: When I open it there's too much mascara on the top of the brush :(

Essence long lasting eye pencil in "Coolest Chic"
Essence has one of the best eye liners in my opinion.And they aren't expensive. I wore this on my upper lash line and on my lower lash line. It looks very good both ways. It lasts pretty long and it doesn't smudge.Great product. I am definitely going to buy more Essence eyeliners in the future.

Hair :
John Frieda brilliant brunette liquid shine perfecting glosser
John Frieda-I've heard a lot of good reviews. This is the first product that I buy from the brand,because it's kinda expensive where I live. Cons: it can make hair greasy. Pros: A little goes a loooong way,trust me. It makes my hair very smooth  and silky,I'm pleased. 

That was a long first post lol.I wrote it at 1 a.m. so I it might not be the best. None of these photos are mine.